Empowering Missouri Students To Excel Academically

Wondering how you can use your Close the Gap grant funds to help elevate your child’s educational experience? Personalized tutoring is an incredibly powerful way to help students overcome educational hurdles and achieve remarkable academic progress, and it’s an eligible expense under the Close the Gap initiative. 

We’re here to equip families with the insights and tools to best use this grant funding, opening doors to academic success and a brighter future for Missouri’s children. We're invested in a future where every student can perform at their highest potential.

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About The Author

Amber Kraus is a former elementary school teacher and school choice advocate who feels passionate about helping families navigate the landscape of educational opportunities, ensuring that access to quality education is not just a privilege but a standard for all.

After several years of teaching elementary school in underserved communities in Rockford, Illinois and Denver, Colorado, she completed a principal internship and ventured into marketing and student recruitment for a dynamic network of charter schools in St. Louis, Missouri. She assisted in the successful launch of four new public charter schools in St. Louis City within a span of five years. During this time she became deeply familiar with the educational landscape in Missouri and the need for more high-quality educational choices that cater to the diverse needs of students.

Amber holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville and a certificate in Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Colorado- Denver. She has over 10 years of experience working in public education, school choice, and education marketing.

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About Close the Gap Missouri

Close the Gap Missouri is more than just a funding initiative—it's a promise to our youth. Born out of the need to level the educational playing field, this grant was crafted to provide crucial resources to students who need them most. The goal is straightforward: offer support in areas where it's most needed and ensure all Missouri students have the opportunity to succeed. By focusing on closing the academic achievement gap, this grant empowers families to access high-quality educational services, setting the stage for a brighter academic future for their children.

Close the Gap is a testament to the belief that with the right support, every child can aim high and achieve more, regardless of their starting point.