Tutoring Options for Close the Gap Grant Recipients

A quality tutor’s approach changes depending on academic needs, the student’s learning style, and the goals of the student and parent. Different tutoring styles work well for different students and situations, so a good tutor will tailor the approach to suit the student best.

A tutor teaching to a student
One on one tutoring

1. Subject Specific Tutoring

Subject-specific tutoring provides students with specialized support to tackle their unique challenges in any subject, including mathematics, science, art, literature, foreign languages, and more. Connecting students with tutors who are experts in these areas is key to helping them understand  the specific topics they find difficult and to create a more straightforward path to success.

2. Test Prep Tutoring

Test prep tutoring can help you prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, or ACT. Tutors work with students to review test content, develop effective study strategies, and enhance test-taking skills. Partnering with online tutors such as VarsityTutors.com, can include free practice tests, personalized feedback, and guidance to boost confidence and performance on exam day.

Test prep tutoring can be especially beneficial for students struggling with certain subjects or needing help developing their test-taking skills. Tutors can also provide targeted instructions and support and help students identify and address their weaknesses.

Tutor teaching a girl
Tutor teaching biology

3. Homework Help

A quality tutor can help make homework time less stressful, by providing guidance and clarification on homework assignments as well as explanations of complex concepts. Providers like Varsity Tutors also offer 24/7 Homework support you can access at any time. These tools aim to teach and enhance comprehension (instead of just providing an answer), helping you conquer academic challenges with confidence.

4. Group Classes

Group classes create a learning atmosphere where students can interact with peers and receive guidance from the instructor. These are useful for tackling common problems, encouraging discussions, and gaining diverse viewpoints on the topic. Group sessions provide a blend of individualized support and group interaction, making it a helpful choice for some learners.

Tutor helping two girls
Tutor teaching complex concepts

5. Practice Problems and Tests

Practice problems and tests serve as a means to reinforce learning through practice and repetition, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of the subject matter. This method of learning allows students to actively engage with the material, promoting self-assessment and reflection on their progress. Furthermore, practice tests provide a realistic simulation of exam conditions, helping students to build confidence and improve their test-taking strategies.

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