How To Find a Tutor

The Close the Gap Grant program have partnered with several qualified education partners. Funds can be used with to purchase tutoring, supplies and other services related to education.

If you have decided tutoring is the right use of your funds, one choice is Varsity Tutors, a Missouri company who has facilitated more than a million tutoring hours since their founding in 2007. Varsity Tutors students are twice as likely to get an A in the subject they receive tutoring.  

To find the right partner for your academic needs, head over to the Close the Gap website and pick from the list of qualified providers.

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How does it work?

Some companies offer tutoring purchased by the hour, others offer virtual books and guided study, and others offer AI homework assistance and quick answers to questions.

Varsity Tutors offers all of these at no cost to you including live personalized tutoring from a handpicked expert. Learn more about how can support your child.

Multiple Tutoring
Tier Options

A plan from Varsity Tutors plans contains between 0-12 hours of personalized one-on-one tutoring every month. This system lets you pick the best option that suits your needs and budget.

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Seamless Supplemental Support

If you exceed your hours for a month and need more help, group classes, the AI Tutor, study guides, practice tests, and more are available at no additional costs. More tutoring hours can be purchased at a defined rate, if you choose.

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Unlimited Family Access

By becoming a member, your whole family can access various resources, such as live classes, practice problems, and 24/7 chat tutoring support. This all-inclusive approach guarantees that every member of your family can enjoy numerous educational opportunities created for their needs.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy.

Your Journey Starts within the Close the Gap Portal

You can choose your tutoring service directly from within the Close the Gap portal.

Once selected we will work you to carefully match you with an expert tutor who best fit your educational goals.

Ready to Start Your Learning Journey?

Explore tutoring options and find the perfect tutor to support your educational goals.